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Deepening your Practice

The practice of Zazen is the frame to enter into profond silence. Evolving over hundreds of years this practice offers an aboundance of helpful means and allows to partake in the experience of thousands of practitioners of meditation. Even though there is no right or wrong as such it is surely helpful to aquire a routine while practicing.

Guideline for practicing at home

The following video illustrates how one sits in meditation at home and offers important tips in regard to various postures, how to handle your breath and arising thoughts.

Flyer for the Zazen routine in groups

This flyer illustrates the routines during practice periods in groups. These instructions are applicable to the various groups present at Rebberg Zendo.
The flyer may be downloaded an printed using the button.

The Rebberg Zendo maintains a Youtube channel

Our videos may be accessed on our Youtube channel.

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